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We partner with educators to create meaningful learning experiences in Ƶapp—whether it’s helping to create a professional development plan, working shoulder to shoulder in the classroom with teachers, or providing fun and engaging tutoring services for Ƶapp.


Ƶapp’s high-impact tutoring

Every child deserves to be a confident reader.

Ƶapp offers versatile tutoring models to help Ƶapp and districts meet student needs, from design consultations to Ƶapp-led full-service tutoring programs. Find the right tutoring solution for your school, district, community-based organization, or state-level agency. Learn about the positive impact Ƶapp Tutoring could make on your Ƶapp.

Professional learning that fits your needs

When educators grow, Ƶapp grow. Our goal is to support your team’s professional growth, whether you’re implementing a new program or strengthening instructional practices based on your school or district needs across different stages of learning.

From live, in-person training and coaching to online courses and virtual professional development, we offer a range of support to fit districts’ needs and educators’ busy schedules.

  • Launch

    Propel into the new school year with sessions that introduce you to your Ƶapp program and support you in a strong implementation.

  • Strengthen

    Boost implementation with sessions that target specific instructional practices.

  • Coach

    Guide teachers and leaders with targeted learning sessions tailored to their specific needs.

  • Custom packages

    Ƶapp welcomes the opportunity to partner with Ƶapp and districts in designing custom professional earning plans. We look forward to hearing from you!

When you grow, your Ƶapp grow.

“From the start, and in every encounter since I have been overwhelmed by the professionalism and customer focus all Ƶapp employees have demonstrated. Not only are the curriculum products extraordinary but they are backed by extraordinary people.”

Teacher, Montana

When you grow, your Ƶapp grow.

“[Our] facilitator did a fabulous job of highlighting key look-fors, as well as sharing personal experiences with implementation, which are so useful for a teacher to hear.”

Teacher, Louisiana

When you grow, your Ƶapp grow.

“[Ƶapp] deserves a medal for being one of the few companies that actually explains enrollment and access processes clearly, while providing continued support. Thanks for being organized and caring towards your customers!”

Technology teaching and learning support specialist, Ohio
Three devices displaying various geometric graph plots on the Desmos application, enhancing the student learning experience, including a tablet with a triangle, a desktop with a fox, and a smartphone with sine waves.

Options for every Ƶapp program and every school

We offer customizable professional development options for Ƶapp educators across all of our programs. Learn more about the development options available for the following programs.

  • Ƶapp CKLA® 2nd Edition

  • Ƶapp ELA

  • Boost Reading

  • Ƶapp Desmos Math

  • Ƶapp Science

  • mCLASS®

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