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Ƶapp Tutoring is an ESSER and Title funded, high-impact tutoring program that complement the efforts of K–6 Ƶapp, educators, and families in building reading proficiency and confidence.

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Ƶapp tutor providing tutoring services to elementary school children for reading competency

What is Ƶapp Tutoring?

Ƶapp Tutoring offers an opportunity for Ƶapp to participate in engaging and adaptive lessons with tutors while accelerating their proficiency in foundational literacy skills. 

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Elementary Ƶapp participating in tutoring programs for reading competency

Accelerate student achievement.

Ƶapp Tutoring supports and accelerates student proficiency in foundational literacy skills. Results show that Ƶapp in Ƶapp Tutoring outperformed similarly at-risk peers on a nationally normed reading assessment, and those who attended most consistently made the largest gains.

Example of tutoring programs online instructional support for reading competency

Reimagine instructional supports.

Ƶapp’s scaled tutoring offerings can be customized to help you meet the needs of your Ƶapp. Whether you need high-quality tutoring materials, help designing your tutoring program, professional development, or tutors, Ƶapp can support you at every stage.

Student and educator participating in high impact tutoring programs and reviewing reading competency materials

Increase insight into student learning.

Grounded in data, mCLASS® Intervention provides educators and tutors with visibility into lessons, progress monitoring, and instruction tailored to the needs of each student.

What district leaders and teachers are saying

“We did not know where to start. Our facilitator and the high-impact tutoring team were phenomenal and helped us form our vision. I would recommend the training to anyone. ”

Executive Director, Curriculum & Instruction, Texas

What district leaders and teachers are saying

“Teachers, paraprofessionals, and tutors are very happy to have high-quality literacy instructional materials designed specifically for tutoring. ”

District Tutoring Program Lead, Texas

What district leaders and teachers are saying

“Using Ƶapp tutors as a supplemental instructional tool to assist with small groups this year has been a pleasure. Our Ƶapp have shown tremendous growth in their reading fluency and comprehension! We look forward to continuing our partnership next year! ”

Teacher, Maryland

Our approach

Ƶapp Tutoring offers research-aligned tutoring materials, services, and training. From design consultations to full-service tutoring programs, our models reflect the principles of high-impact tutoring.

Student receiving tutoring services for reading competency on laptop
Elementary student at school participating in online tutoring programs for reading competency

Data-driven instructional materials that are aligned with the Science of Reading and meet ESSA criteria

Ƶapp Tutoring features research-backed lessons aligned with the Science of Reading and grounded in mCLASS Intervention, an ESSA aligned program. This program groups Ƶapp with common strengths and needs and provides progress monitoring.

about using ESSA and Title funding to bring Ƶapp Tutoring to your Ƶapp.

Frequent and consistent sessions

Tutors engage with Ƶapp in three or more 30-minute skill-building sessions per week to build confidence in Ƶapp’ early literacy skills.

Laptop view of tutoring services for reading competency
Student raising hand during online tutoring services for reading competency

Positive relationship building

When Ƶapp feel safe and cared for, they are motivated to achieve their goals. Our approach supports consistent, positive tutor-student relationships.

Training for district and tutoring personnel

District and tutoring personnel receive flexible, comprehensive training, enabling high-quality tutoring instruction to meet student needs.

High impact tutoring programs certificate

Our impact

K–6 Ƶapp in Ƶapp Tutoring are more likely to make outsized gains on mCLASS®, a nationally normed reading assessment.

Happy student receiving tutoring services for reading competency
Young girl in high impact tutoring programs for reading competency in elementary school

Above average student growth

Ƶapp Tutoring works for Ƶapp who need it most: 70 percent of Ƶapp who scored below benchmark, and participated regularly in Ƶapp Tutoring, made above average growth. Tutored Ƶapp were 22 percentage points more likely to make outsized growth compared to peers with a similar risk profile who did not receive tutoring at their school.

Tutoring for educators at laptop and reviewing materials for reading competency

Confident leaders

After participating in Ƶapp Tutoring design consultancies, leaders from more than 100 districts across the nation reported increased confidence in developing and implementing research-based high-impact tutoring (HIT) programs.

Tutor with headphones providing tutoring services for reading competency

Supported tutors

Effective training enables Ƶapp tutors to help their Ƶapp grow. Ƶapp tutors report a 40 percent increase in confidence after engaging in Ƶapp’s tutor training course. Ƶapp support can include tutor coaching, professional development, and office hours.

What's included

Ƶapp offers three versatile tutoring models to assist Ƶapp and districts as they design and implement high-impact tutoring programs. You can select the services that best suit your needs.

Young boy at elementary school in tutoring programs for reading competency


Which services are right for me?
1. Materials and implementation support
2. Full-service
3. Consultancies
      Professional development
      Coaching and training
     Tutoring materials 
      High-quality instructional materials and 
        nationally normed reading assessments
Program management
Ƶapp tutors
Educator at desk with tutoring services materials for reading competency

1. Materials and implementation support

Ƶapp provides tutoring materials, professional development, program management, and data reporting for district-hired tutors. This offering includes:

  • Research-backed, tutor-friendly materials and progress monitoring.
  • Customizable plans for initial training, continuous professional development, and office hours.
  • Tutoring attendance and student achievement reports.

2. Full-service

Ƶapp delivers semester and year-long virtual, high-impact tutoring sessions. This offering includes:

  • Groups that meet three times per week for 30-minute sessions facilitated by a tutor who is hired, managed, and coached by Ƶapp.
  • Tutoring sessions that take place during the school day or after school, never interfering with core instruction.
  • Research-backed lessons and progress monitoring grounded in mCLASS Intervention.
  • A dedicated Ƶapp program manager.


Ƶapp high-impact, Full-service tutoring is available in select areas. To ensure the success of the implementation at a state or district level, it is necessary to include leadership in the planning of the Ƶapp Tutoring Full-service program.

Student engaging in full service tutoring programs for reading competency
Ƶapp tutor providing program design and technical assistance to educator for reading competency programs

3. Consultancies

Ƶapp provides design and implementation help to Ƶapp and districts that are launching high-impact tutoring (HIT) programs. Consultancies enable Ƶapp or districts to:

  • Develop their own HIT programs.
  • Learn HIT research-based design principles, analyze case studies, and budget resources.
  • Collaborate with other leaders for support and problem solving.
  • Receive personalized support for implementation.

Ƶapp Tutoring at-a-glance

Ƶapp Tutoring at-a-glance


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